About Larry Semchuk Photography

I was born and raised in rural Manitoba and made my way west as a teen to see and explore the Rocky Mountains. Caught by the splendor and never ending adventure, I stayed and made Calgary, Alberta home. Although my day job was in sales, studying wildlife and nature have been my passion. With pursuits from kayaking and canoeing, to fly fishing and hiking, there is little territory in Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon that I have not explored over four decades.

I developed my photographic skills over time to preserve the memories of my numerous adventures into the wilds of nature. In 2007, I began to fully focus on photographing wildlife and the environments they inhabit.

 I am a member of the Wild Horse Of Alberta Society

Alberta Institute of Wildlife Conservation Photo Awards:
2007 - Overall winner, two category winners and category runner-up
2009 - Winner of "Wild Places " category
Cover photo, "Alberta Bits"  Alberta Equestrian Federation member magazine, summer 2012 edition

Feature article on photographing wild horses in Western Horse Review magazine, January 2013 edition